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Has Obama had an election year conversion, or are the Republicans pandering?

One of every American’s strongest complaints in recent days is the ever rising price at the gas pumps. Quick to cast the blame at gas companies and politicians, the nation’s citizens are quick to anger about this hot button issue. So when Republicans turn their campaigning against Obama’s “midnight hour conversion” to lower gas prices, are they looking at an actual stance from Obama, or are they simply playing on the average American’s biggest pet peeve?

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has recently turned to casting aspersions on Obama’s renewable gas policies, claiming he and his “Gas Hike Trio” have been intentionally raising gas prices in order to push the renewable energy agenda forward all the faster, and that Obama’s “new” stance on lower gas prices should mandate a resignation from the three advisors.

Examining the worst case of this claim, that the Gas Hike Trio has actually gone about raising gas prices in order to promote the Renewable Energy bill, one should consider that this isn’t actually a terrible thing. America’s addiction to oil is quickly depleting this resource, making gas more and more expensive every day in any case. A plan to reduce American reliance on gasoline before it runs out isn’t a bad one.

The other side of the issue is that it isn’t necessary for this “Gas Hike Trio” to hand in their resignations, and convincing Americans that it is simply muddles the political views of the energy issue. Obama’s team of advisors are committed to assisting America in getting green as soon as possible. Just because Obama is doing what he can to reduce gasoline prices, even if it is against the thoughts of his advisor team, doesn’t make the rest of their policies invalid.


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