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President Obama Pays a Visit to Largest Solar Farm in America

On Wednesday, the 21st of March, President Obama took a trip to the largest source of green photovoltaic energy in the United States. The Copper Mountain Solar 1 facility inNevadaoffers an impressive array of solar collectors, like most plants, but it is soon to add a pioneer innovation created by a think tank in the University of California in San Diego.

Sky Imagers are some of the newest and most advanced inventions in weather forecasting. Offering a 360 degree view of the skyline, these machines use complex algorithms to read the position, composition, and size of clouds on the horizon and predict the power output for the next thirty six hours. This revolutionary technology makes incredible progress in the field of renewable energy, as many detractors from this cavalier field cite its unreliability as a chief concern from making it more widely used.

Sky imagers are the result of decades of work from theSan Diegoschool, and all of the researchers are excited to have a prototype set made operational inNevada. The hope is that this predictive technology will accurately tell when power production might be cut to as low as fifty percent. This knowledge arriving often times more than a day before the actual occurrence allows for the San Diego based energy company to decide whether or not they need to use other plants in the area to increase power output, thus preventing brown outs and power failure, but ending the need to constantly supplement the solar collectors’ output.


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