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European Farms Soon to Receive Boost from Green Energy

The United Kingdom is  working on a policy to exempt small farms and business owners from needing approval to install photovoltaic energy generators. Small farmers able to install this money saving measure makes their business much more secure, which generates income for the small towns they are invariably found in. Farmers are excited by this new prospect, eager to take advantage of this exciting new policy.

Americacould learn from this European idea. By just allowing farmers to supplement their own power without taxation or government regulation,Londonhas allowed their small farms to greatly stimulate the economy in its area. Here in the States, a lot of politicians like Mitt Romney are so busy trying to use the name of Green Energy to slander their opponents that they are ignoring or even harming this vital issue to the American public. Do politicians honestly believe they can argue against the fact that sustainable energy is even a pursuable idea?

The fact is that the biggest detractors from sustainable energy becoming a widely available resource all over the United States are the politicians that run the country (or hope to), especially on the conservative side of the ticket. Presidential candidates will attack opponents in debates, and no one can stop that. What does need to change, however, is that the mud being slung is causing a massive detriment to the American public. If the presidential candidates could just see past their rivalry with the current president, Green energy could rocket forward with support from both political factions.


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