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Ontario’s Green Energy System may be Unpopular, but Necessary.

Dalton McGuinty’s liberal campaign was decimated in the last election race in Ontario for his work on green energy, and how much it drove up the price of electricity in Ontario during his last term. Vilified for taking money away from small communities for his green energy innovations, McGuinty’s had a rough time defending his stance… but is it really his fault?

Conservatives in office before McGuinty may be to blame for the current energy issues that Ontario is now facing. Constantly moving money around in the budget, they covered up the rising cost of energy in the area instead of buckling down and finding a solution. Unfortunately, this puts McGuinty’s office in to a very hard position. He could either do what is right for the people onOntario, and put in to place a more sustainable energy program, or he could do what his predecessors did and hide the problem, hoping that a continually dwindling resource will suddenly become abundant and cheap.

It’s true that no one likes to feel like more money is being taken out of their pockets, but the truth is that sometimes, someone has to put up the cash to make the world a better place for ten years from now. People need to look past the fact that sustainable energy carries a sizable cost, and just buckle down and take care of what needs to be done. While Mr. McGuinty’s policy on green energy may not look like it’s creating a better Ontario, it is, and he deserves to be applauded for his work in the name of Sustainable Energy.


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