Climate Change, Conservation, Environmental Hazards

Anguilla Begins its separation from a reliance on petroleum based energy

One of the most widely spread reasons people cite against looking in to renewable energy sources today is that it isn’t necessary.  Republican party members imply this by accusing Obama of purposefully rising gas prices here in America, and by claiming the solution is easy: Just lower gas prices. Just open the Federal Reserve. Just get a better deal from the Middle East. The truth, however, is that eventually gasoline is going to run out on this planet. As a non-renewable resource, it may not run out in our lifetimes, but the end of petroleum based energy is coming. A solution is available, though. Just ask the fifteen thousand residents of Anguilla.

The government of Anguilla, besieged by energy prices caused by lower and lower gasoline availability, has begun working on a bill to have the island on green energy, by constructing a series of wind farms and solar collectors. The residents of the island will have a safe, inexpensive way to power their houses on this beautiful island, all thanks to turning to more sustainable sources of energy.

Americahas a lot to learn from in this regard. Anguilla is ahead of the curve in getting their entire island powered by renewable energy, and it sets a precedent for other territories and countries to follow. Though harder to implement, the day is coming when all of theUnited Statescould have its homes and businesses powered by safe, renewable, clean electricity that is never in danger of running out. Opponents of green energy citing its infeasibility as the chief concern need only look at theislandofAnguillato discover how wrong they are.


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