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Long Island rewards local businesses for considering going green.

The government has been making incredible progress in green, sustainable energy in recent times, but sometimes the smaller events get overlooked in the media. The smallest steps forward are often what make the massive leaps Obama is reaching for possible. InSouth Hampton, the Long Island Power Authority offered a seminar on how to reduce costs for business owners in the area.

To each of the almost two dozen businessmen there, LIPA offered free consultations on their businesses, and how green energy could not only conserve the environment and be less of a drain on non-renewable energy sources, but also how they could save money by using less power hungry light fixtures and appliances in the office. Each business might also be eligible for up to seventy percent of their final bill to be paid for by LIPA, usingNew Yorktax payers’ money.

The technology behind new algae fueled technology and solar and wind farms are great steps towards a safer, more sustainable tomorrow, but in all the excitement, conservation of energy is sometimes overlooked. While alternative methods to generate electricity are important, it’s also important to make that electricity do the most work it can. Many of the arguments stating that green energy is not viable are because so many Americans use so much energy every day. Long Island Power Authority is commendable in its task of makingSouth Hamptonmore energy efficient. If the rest ofAmericacan follow this town’s example, green, sustainable energy will stop being a dream for tomorrow, and start becoming a reality.


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