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Scania’s sustainability reports foster hope for green transportation.

Sustainable energy is an extremely critical topic for many businesses and companies around the world, and Scania, one of the world’s largest producers of large scale trucks and automobiles, is no exception to this. Sustainability reports, a relatively new idea in the corporate world, is now widely published for most corporations, and Scania, unsurprisingly, focuses on sustainable transportation in their report detailing how they are protecting their world to their customers. Their recent sustainability report showed not only their improving numbers for keeping our planet healthy, but also on how they plan to improve in the future.

By using and distributing vehicles that have better fuel efficiency, they won’t just make the world a better place, they’ll be saving quite a bit of money in the long term, serving as an incentive to get companies to started thinking about the environment. Many companies are starting to focus on transportation as the area that could be most dramatically improved over a period of time, whether it be from using cars that are almost fully electric to putting more research towards biodiesel fuel and more efficient engines.

It is obvious that vehicles are one of the largest contributing factors to this globally important issue. Emissions from cars and trucks, as well as other heavier, fuel hungry vehicles, have gone unchecked since the inception of the combustion engine, when no one had ever heard of sustainability and green energy. Now that America and the world as a whole is aware of the problem, however, it’s important that companies like Scania do everything they can to protect the world all of us share.

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