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LEGO announces a winner in its drive to find green packaging for its toys!

Sustainability is a very important issue for politicians and corporation CEOs alike, but what a lot of Americans don’t know is that even their choice of entertainment items for their children may contribute to a more green, eco-friendly movement in the corporate world. LEGO systems, a toy company based out ofDenmark, recently published its winner for the SCA sustainable box design contest. Chan Chi Kwan and Chang Nga Man earned three thousand euros for their creativity, as well as the opportunity to work for SCA packaging, a very sustainability minded, consumer oriented packaging company inEurope.

LEGO’s push toward a more sustainable company has encompassed everything from wind powered manufacturing plants to their ‘green box’ initiative to make their boxes smaller, and thus consume less cardboard. This contest, however, puts the ability to make a sustainable choice in to the customer’s hands, letting them choose more eco-friendly, green toys to gift their children. This contest also spurred excitement among sustainability minded customers, who were enthusiastic about getting their design manufactured to hold LEGO bricks.

“The Design Challenge is a great channel to spot unknown potential packaging ideas outside ‘the industry,’ together with our customers,” said Wim Wouters, Innovation Centre Director at SCA Packaging. “I believe this years’ exposure to young design talents from across the world has been a unique experience for everyone involved. I look forward to seeing the winning ideas for LEGO and Tempo get to market“. Wim Wouters and the rest of SCA packaging have made amazing progress towards a more green, more sustainable world.


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