Green, Sustainability

A Greener Denmark

Denmark has announced that it intends to have one third of its energy provided by green, renewable sources in the next decade, and to complete the change to green energy within fifty years.  Some call it an aggressive estimate, but the initiative has support from politicians of almost every party in Denmark. Uniting to clean up how they produce energy, Denmark has set a precedent that will hopefully be followed by more and more countries around the globe.

Lykke Friis, of the Danish Liberal Party, defended the initiative strongly. “No matter what we do, we will have an increase in the price of energy, simply because people in India and China want to have a car, want to travel,” she says. “That is why we came out with a clear ambition to be independent of fossil fuels: so we are not vulnerable to great fluctuations in energy price.”

The goal is not without its own problems, however. Storage of energy generated by methods such as solar energy, wind energy, and the burning of biomass is proving to be a sizable problem, as well as distribution of said energy. Normally, power plants are located close to the cities they fuel. The current plan is to put wind turbines out to sea, which means building miles of wiring to deliver that energy to the people who need it.

Despite all these problems, though, Denmark has a considerable benefit that will help to overcome any and all obstacles: Unity. In other countries, producing renewable energy is a wildly debated issue, with politicians hindering it as much as helping it. Even with the problems Denmark is facing, they are sure to make considerably more progress than in countries with such divided points of view.


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