Green, Sustainability

Is The Midwest Ready For Green Energy?

Whenever a debate about green energy comes up, one question is always asked: “Who is going to pay for renewable energy?” No one can argue that converting to green energy carries a heavy price tag, both in tax dollars and on energy bills. Are those consumers ready to make a change? In a survey conducted for EarthFix by Davis Hibbitts & Midghall Research, the answer in the northwest is a resounding “Yes!”

In a traditionally conservative area, it is incredibly encouraging to see strong support for a field that is usually pegged as a liberal goal. The Midwest isn’t thinking in half measures, either. The majority of polled residents said that in ten years, they wanted to see half of their energy coming from renewable sources. Whether it is due to a feeling of responsibility for our planet, or leaving a legacy for their children, even the most conservative regions of the world are beginning to realize that green, renewable energy will be necessary to progress in to the future.

Fox News recently released an article targeting green energy sources as liberals’ “religion” to get worked up over. It’s encouraging to know that even the audience that stereotypically would support a show like Fox News understand the ramifications of our nation’s current reliance to fossil fuels, and are willing to put up the money to fix the problem. It is a considerably powerful first step in the fight to get renewable energy in every home in America.


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