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Obama Beginning to Look at Biofuel

When looking at overcoming a reliance on fossil fuels, it’s important to remember that there is no proverbial silver bullet. Each source of renewable energy has its own perks and disadvantages. For example, solar panels work well in cities, as the panels can basically be put anywhere, but is slightly unreliable due to factors such as weather. Wind energy is more reliable, but is seasonal in nature, and requires much more space to establish.

President Obama is starting to look at a growing field as another answer in our constant quest to find more and more sustainable methods of generating energy. Biofuel is essentially taking existing reproducing matter and either burning it or subjecting it to some kind of chemical process, which then generates heat. Heat can then be used to generate electricity.

The newest source of biofuel being considered by the agricultural department of Obama’s cabinet is one that is readily available, and constantly being renewed: Cow manure. While it may be an unsavory topic to think about, turning cow manure in to renewable energy actually takes this untapped resource from open fields and plains, and turns it in to valuable energy usable to residences near the plant fueled by biomass.

America’s quest for renewable energy won’t end at solar energy, wind energy, or even cow manure and other sources of biofuel. If America is to approach its goal of eventually becoming fully reliant on green energy, the government needs to explore every alternative in its quest for sustainable fuel sources.


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