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Green Energy’s Effect on Unemployment

The president of the United States is an easy man to critique. A man with so much responsibility has to have an Achille’s Heel, so all one has to do is wait for one of the balls the president is juggling to fall, and then blame him for letting that solution fail. Critics of Obama’s green energy policy have been aiming at everything from the presumed infeasibility of sustainable energy sources to the cost of such measures in an attempt to discredit what will probably be known as Obama’s finest achievement.

Republicans are now targeting unemployment as the newest weakness in Obama’s renewable energy plan. Obama promised that sustainable energy in all its forms would create employment for American citizens. The Copper Mountain Solar Project overlooking Nevada only created ten jobs for residents of the United States, doing little to ease unemployment in republican eyes.

The fallacy in this line of thinking is that green energy naysayers are looking solely at one plant, but comparing it to the considerable sum of money that Obama has spent revolutionizing how we power our homes all over the United States. While billions of dollars is a lot of money for one small factory to produce ten jobs, it’s much more effective when considering the widespread effect renewable energy is having on the country as a whole.

While sustainable energy sources may not be immediately providing jobs to citizens who need them, it is important to consider that the unemployment crisis is only one of the problems Obama is working to solve. While it’s easy to cast blame at the president when one of the thousands of problems he is working on falls through, it would be more effective to actually evaluate the good he’s doing for this United States.


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