Green, Sustainability

Italy Reneges on its Fight for Green Energy

Sustainable energy is a necessary step towards curing the world’s addiction to petroleum based fuel. That being said, the difficult fight for a greener tomorrow is not without its casualties. Italy has recently announced that it is instituting a strict cap for incentives provided to companies producing green energy. The reason for this dramatic new move is primarily financial. Residents of Italy had the cost of power rise dramatically when Italy’s government pushed financial incentives towards green energy providers.

Losing one of its most staunch supporters is a considerable hurdle for sustainable energy to jump, but not so challenging that it will cause this important movement to fail. Even while Italy removes its support from companies fighting for a more sustainable tomorrow, America is instituting more and more new programs every day. Research is leaping forward with each new factory producing sustainable, renewable energy. While Italy may not be able to keep up with green energy trends today, perhaps methods of making renewable energy less expensive will cause another shift in Italian policy.

Though it may be harder for energy consumers everywhere, renewable energy is vital for when gasoline and other fossil fuels run out on this planet. A slightly more expensive gas bill today means the children of tomorrow will have the technology they need to survive in a world without petroleum based products. It may be difficult to make the right decision today, but that decision will make the world a better place for the future of everyone.

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