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New South Wales Pulls Out of the Race for Green Energy

The government of New South Wales, a region in Australia, recently revoked its support of green energy initiatives in the area, and is currently urging the national government to follow suit. Quoting a seventeen percent hike in electricity bills, New South Wales is claiming that green energy just is not worth the bill their constituency would have to pay.

This logic is of course, fallacious. While green energy may show an increase on the immediate power bills of those using sustainable sources, these methods are pre-empting the much larger hike in prices that will come when fossil fuels begin to run out. Petroleum based fuels, which have been coming in to more and more of a threatened quantity, have their price firmly rooted in their availability. The entire world depends on this source of non-renewable fuel for everything in their lives, and there is no way to get more of it.

Instead of working towards an energy solution now, the government of NSW is going back to relying solely on fossil fuels until the price of green energy either falls to a reasonable rate, or until the price of petroleum based fuels rises so high that sustainable energy becomes a viable option by default. The issue with this is that green energy is not going to appear out of nowhere. If no one puts money towards the generation of renewable energy, this important world resource will never become any less expensive.


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