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Is Fusion Power a Possibility for a Greener Tomorrow?


In their journey to create a renewable energy source that can fit the world’s needs, scientists have run the gamut of ideas from solar energy to windmills, from algae to cow manure. All of these methods have promising results, but none quite so promising as what scientists in the International Nuclear Fusion Project (ITER) are working on: nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion would create a limitless source of clean, sustainable energy once it finishes development. On the other hand, this technology would take billions of dollars to even become a feasible option. Currently, nuclear fusion actually consumes more energy than it generates. Because the atoms currently bounce off each other when sent through the Hadron collider, the energy generated is far inferior than if they were to fuse, which would take a factory heating those atoms to almost 100 million degrees Celsius.

Critics are claiming that this project is completely infeasible, and that even if it is possible, it would not be worth the cost. Because fusion has almost been reproduced on Earth already, it would absolutely be possible. As far as being worth the cost, is there any price tag too high for a limitless power source? While the 3.5 billion dollar cost is certainly a formidable sum to look at, consider how much money that will save every human on earth, once it replaces petroleum based products as our primary source of energy. For generations to come, people all around the world will not have to worry about the quickly diminishing fossil fuel reserves our planet has to offer.

International Nuclear Fusion Project (ITER)



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