Republican attacks on Obama’s green energy policies are overhyped


Conservative campaign ads are targeting Obama’s stance on green energy again. They touted such “facts” as Obama sending billions of dollars over to other nations, creating jobs in Finland and Mexico. The truth is that these rumors were debunked over two years ago by three separate fact checking services. All these ads serve to do with highly emotional advertising is to cause harm to Obama’s attempts at creating a more green, environmentally friendly America.

The unfortunate pettiness of short term needs like a four year election have the possible impact of posing a serious threat to long term needs like ending gasoline addiction in the United States. Methods some candidates are using is causing possibly irreparable harm. Attack ads have long been a political favorite in presidential elections. The issues that arise are when causes like sustainable energy get caught in the crossfire, a petty name calling campaign starts having very real ramifications on the United States.

Unfortunately, these private campaign companies perform without the official endorsement of their candidate, meaning that the candidates who draw benefit from these ads shoulder none of the blame for their fallacies. Considering one of their attack ads targeted Obama for not taking responsibility for his energy team’s failures, the tactic conservatives are currently hiding behind seem oddly coincidental.


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