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Clean Energy Ministerial and Sustainable Energy for All join forces.

A new global show of solidarity may be a major boon to the fight for sustainable energy. Major organizations have formed to help push the fight, and they all have ambitious goals, but even these giant alliances of nations are struggling to get their policies recognized. The Clean Energy Ministerial, formed here in the United States, is an international alliance of people working to improve sustainable energy needs. The Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) coalition was formed by the United Nations for the same reason.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense that these two international organizations have come together and joined goals and resources. Together, this international power will be able to have much more impact than either one could have on their own. They are focusing their current efforts on developing countries, who can more easily develop green energy technology. Instead of replacing an already existing profitable system, these rising nations can invest the starting capital in green energy from the start. With potent examples of nations like Iceland having enormous success with their green energy programs, the CEM is hoping to adopt the goals of SE4ALL, including doubling green energy usage by 2030, and halving our reliance on petroleum based fuel.

In such a vital field, it is very impressive to see these two global powers not let their pride interfere with making the right decision for Green Energy concerns the world over. Hopefully, some of their component nations will learn from the example.

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