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Landsvirkjun looking to study the feasibility of submarine powerline from Iceland to Europe

The feasibility of a submarine powerline, stretching from the island nation of Iceland to Germany and the rest of mainland Europe, is currently being looked in to by Landsvirkjunn, an Iceland owned firm. The project came after the announcement that Iceland’s renewable energy production has exceeded its own energy usage, and is looking to ease Europe’s thirst for green energy.

The financial feasibility of this endeavor is only one of the concerns that Iceland is looking in to right now. They are also studying the environmental and cultural impacts of the cable that promises to be the world’s longest submerged power line. The journey across the waters was deemed infeasible in years past. With the drastic need to end Europe’s dependence on highly expensive petroleum based energy, however, the equation for the feasibility of the 1,200 mile journey has altered fundamentally.

Iceland’s solar and tidal energy could help the small nation reach its goal of providing 1.5 terawatt hours of energy to Europe’s power hungry industrial areas. By becoming one of the leading nations in exporting sustainable energy to other countries, Iceland is setting a valuable precedent that should be looked to by every nation. If more countries can focus on producing green energy, the costs of the technology will fall, making it more available to everyone.


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