Conservation, Sustainability

Denmark saves money and the environment by aiming low

Countries all over the world are in a race to find the answer for how best to preserve our environment. Denmark’s strategy is rather unique among the world wide contestants… While other nations focus on and dismiss the feasibility of new ways of producing green energy, Denmark instead is looking primarily at energy conservation, with alternative energy methods on the back burner.

While others are quick to tell people all about their new solar panels or the town’s exciting new wind farm, the Danish instead can tell you precisely how much energy their house uses every day, down to the megawatt. This means that when they develop a new source of green energy, the price of the technology isn’t nearly as high as it is in other nations. Denmark is also working on other ways of preserving the environment, such as collecting rain water to run the dishwasher.

Some economists want to see more effort put to alternative energy methods however, because if Denmark does not find its own alternative to fossil fuel, they will still be hit by the subsequent rocketing of gas prices. Without the capital this new conservation trend is saving customers, some financial experts are worried that scientists won’t have the money they need from the government to develop new energy methods.

It’s still a happy note that conservation is being practiced so widely in Denmark. Perhaps international notice of its success will drive others to conserve energy, so that we don’t run out of non-renewable resources so quickly.


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