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Why numerous failures in the green market won’t doom the industry

Green energy companies who have received loans or other financial assistance from the White House have really come under attack by conservative blogs, news casts, and even radio shows. They claim that these very highly public cases mean that green energy isn’t the answer to our petroleum woes, or from non-renewable resources running out. Is it true, though? Do the failures of big businesses like Solyndra mean that the green energy market as a whole is crashing? Or are these just politically motivated attacks at the president?

The truth is, as always, somewhere in the middle. First off, each of those articles is based on a true story of what happened to those businesses. The people who ran them were making poor decisions, and were often looting hefty sums from their businesses, and lining their pockets with bonuses. On the other hand, the businesses that are failing are only a small part of a large industry.

While the conservative slanting of some of those news stories might make Americans to think that the green energy market is drying up, nothing could be more wrong. There’s still a high demand for goods and services produced in renewable industries, both residentially and commercially.

While there is absolutely a few bad apples in the green energy market, sustainable energy is still the way to go to break our addiction on non-renewable fuel sources.


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