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Conference in Northwestern University covers Renewable Energy concerns.

Northwestern University met this month in an open forum to discuss important problems about green energy. Speakers from all over the globe met to debate these important issues. Members from countries like Denmark, whose renewable energy counts for 18% of its total exports, met with thinkers and policy makers in the United States, Germany, and Norway.

One of the major debates addressed was the security policies of green energy facilities. While a lot of money is being spent towards developing new and clean sources of electricity, they are currently very easy targets for terrorists or during potential war times. Green energy isn’t going to help anyone if it is destroyed by a radical extremist group.

Another important issue was the feasibility of Chicago, Illinois as a central green power hub for the United States. Chicago, already known as the Windy City, has tremendous harnessable potential to fuel green energy production and distribution. It receives more sun than most cities, including cities in Germany, and Chicago’s famous wind can move huge windmills, which could easily supply a good portion of the United States with clean, renewable energy.

Also, the conference managed to clarify an important myth surrounding green energy. A fairly loud complaint voiced has been that windmills contribute to global warming. While yes, windmills force hot air down to heat the ground’s surface, it does not actually heat the atmosphere, which would threaten to melt the glaciers of our polar ice caps. The worst it actually does is make crops harder to grow in areas around windmills.



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