Conservation, Sustainability

America isn’t pulling its weight in the fight for sustainability.

Despite a 300% increase in funding from 2010 to 2011, America hasn’t gotten very far in the field of green energy. In Europe, despite many problems, many of the countries managed to pull in at 10% of their energy being sustainable, whereas America is barely above Mexico and China. While America isn’t the worst offender out of the world’s leading economies, it certainly has room for some improvement.

In 2011, America barely managed to have 2.5% of its national energy produced by renewable and green fuel sources. Under Obama’s direction, green energy companies have thrived in the United States, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the results they have achieved. While progress has been made in the field of renewable energy, the corporate malfeasance plaguing companies like Solyndra meant that the quadrupling of capital available didn’t necessarily mean a quadrupling in effectiveness.

Though countries like China haven’t even come up to half of that America is claiming, America still has room to improve. Should Obama win the election, it looks as though he isn’t going to back down on his push for green energy, meaning America might see an improvement in the ranks next year. Despite Europe’s fragile economy and failing banks, some European countries placed at 10% or higher, setting the bar for where America needs to be.


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