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Middle East’s views on green energy may help the private sector

It surprised the whole world when the Middle East came out in support for green, sustainable energy. Being a world leader in the production and export of fossil fuels, no one was looking at the Middle East as some of the largest patrons of development in the field of renewable energy. The truth is, though, that no one has better existing infrastructure or quite as much a head start as the countries that are already in the energy business. Now, the Middle East is ripe pickings for the private sector of companies wishing to develop green energy technology.

Oil tycoons who have spent their entire lives in the fossil fuels business may not have the technology capacity for green energy, but they certainly have the money and the infrastructure. On the other side of the coin, businesses devoted to green energy have had trouble finding a banner to develop under, as many of the countries that used to be in support of Green energy are now balking at the price tag. By applying the private sector’s expertise in the area of renewable energy with the resources of tycoons in the Middle East, a synergy that promises only good things for the field of green energy research will develop.


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