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Linkin Park to play in support of Green Energy at Rio+

Linkin Park, a music band in the United States with a long history, recently announced that they will be playing for Rio+, an international conversation held by the United Nations on the subject of Green Energy. Many bands come out with a social conscience, rallying audiences to the causes they support, and there is possibly no better way to galvanize the everyday man. The concert brings attention to the very important discussion happening in Rio, that will hopefully bring action to the problems surrounding the global energy crisis.
Linkin Park’s music and its support of Green Energy makes a lot of fans sit up and take notice of the important issues happening around them. The international conference, Rio+, hopes to address the lack of support some governments have been giving to the cause of sustainable energy sources. It promises to make a call to action across the world to further the green energy initiatives proposed by the United Nations.
The event specifically revolves around how gaming, music, and social media can further the causes that are hoping to keep the Earth spinning for a while. Social media spreads information faster than news these days, and the public idolizes and follows popular entertainment icons more than any other role models, so their words carry more weight. All in all, it’s an attempt to get young adults invested in the survival of their planet.


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