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Ebay’s new data center will be a landmark in green energy

Online selling giant Ebay will be introducing a new data center to keep up with the incredible demand for the online supplier. Hosted in South Jordan, Utah, the building will be an important landmark in supporting renewable energy; the facility will be entirely powered by six megawatts of green energy, making the largest such data center in North America.

By using 30 biogas fuel cells, Ebay will generate in excess of six megawatts a year, and will use the excess electricity to power other buildings on the Ebay campus, lowering the power bill of its subsidiaries like Paypal and Stubhub. While all their facilities will remain connected to the city’s power grid, it will only be relied upon as an emergency backup measure.

The existing data center will be assisted by this new green facility in 2013, when the building goes online. Not only does it show a positive corporate conscience for EBay, but by having such an important building be operated by a giant like Ebay, it will raise awareness among the users and vendors who use Ebay to conduct their business.


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