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Green energy is business

Green energy is getting noticed.  Private equity firms like Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, and KKR are moving forward to raise money for investments in energy ever since the financial crisis froze credit markets in 2008. And partnerships with the green energy zone have been doing extremely well according to KKR’s recent report.

Recently, KKR announced that it has gathered about $4 billion to invest in infrastructure and energy deals.   Not all of this is new, of course.  KKR has been investing in energy deals for more than two decades, partially because cousins Henry Kravis and George Roberts have family in the natural-resources industry.

Even better, private equity groups seem to be moving beyond the United States when it comes to the environment.  When KKR entered in a partnership with United Envirotech Limited of China, David Liu, Member of KKR and CEO of KKR Greater China explained how they were looking forward on working on environmental initiatives in China.

The Blackstone Group, meanwhile, announced in April that their new energy fund has accumulated about $1.5 billion in committed capital.  Earlier, they created a new business group that is focused on investments in the cleantech energy sector and on providing advice on renewable energy strategies.





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