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National Renewable Energy Laboratory claims 80% reliance on green energy by 2050

There are a lot of critics of green energy who oppose its development. They don’t believe it isn’t necessary at some point, simply that it’s too expensive or out of our current reach. A new study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has debunked these claims and outlined a proposal that could make the United States entirely reliant on green energy by 2050.

The suggestions in the studies are by no means easy to carry out. Included in the suggestions are revitalizing America’s power grid, increasing our capacity to store electricity in cells across the states, and devoting a decent sum in to improvements all over the country. Overall, however, the cost of such an endeavor is significantly lower than the projected costs of remaining reliant on fossil fuels.

Especially with this claim in tow, it’s time for America to face facts. If we don’t bite the bullet and start investing in renewable energy, not only is it going to bite us in the wallet, but we’ll be missing out on an opportunity to lead the way when it comes to exporting green energy. It’s time to stop debating whether or not it’s time to take the plunge and just do it. If America waits any longer, it’s really going to hurt us in the long run.


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