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The world’s dirtiest protest puts Bank of America on spotlight.

In a conference in Rio hosted by the United Nations, Bank of America told the world that they led the banks in supporting green energy development. During that announcement, back in North Carolina, protesters demonstrated exactly what they thought of that announcement, considering that B of A is the world’s leading financier of the coal industry.

Dumping over 500 pounds of coal in front of the headquarters of Bank of America over a banner representing the Bank’s new green energy policy served to demonstrate the hypocrisy they felt the announcement represented. While $50 billion is being invested into green energy by B of A, their continued support of the coal industry angers protesters.

At the same time, though, let’s take a step back and really look at their actions. While it’s true, Bank of America’s support of the coal industry is harming the planet, should we be damning them for doing the right thing? While continuing to campaign against the bad, calling their green energy intentions hypocrisy really sends a mixed message to the public. Attack Bank of America for their coal support, but applaud them for their solar energy endeavors.



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