New Fish Farms in Nova Scotia and their Environmental Impact

Fish farms are used to breed fish for things such as food, restocking rivers and lakes, as well as supplying aquariums. Cooke Aquaculture owns ten different fish farms around Nova Scotia that are ocean-based. There is much debate about fish farms in several areas around Nova Scotia. Some people argue that since there are no regulations that have to be enforced, the fish farms are a potential danger to the environment. Cooke Aquaculture has proposed new fish farms and is currently arguing that the environmental impact would be little to none. Rather, Cooke says that the fish farms have the traditional values of agriculture farming.

The fish farms were environmentally assessed by Transport Canada, who has approved Cooke Aquaculture’s new plans and says that they are able to move forward to the next step. The provincial government will make the final decision on the proposed farms which could take up to several months to have their answer. The province of Nova Scotia acquired $25 million dollars in loans to help Cooke Aquaculture make expansions.

Really, though, in order for the people to determine whether or not Cooke makes a good or bad environmental impact, an unbiased third party should assess the farms to make that decision.


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