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Private equity groups are going green

Private equity groups, or PEGs, are investment groups who make money for private owners through buying, selling and owning of equity in a variety of companies. As reports in the media have shown, these groups can be extremely powerful and they can have a lot of leverage as to what companies do and in what direction they go. And at least one, major PEG is looking for green and sustainable solutions.

Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts is an extremely powerful PEG that has the ability to affect major changes. And according to reports, KKR has put companies on notice that their policies need to change in order to conserve resources and energy while implementing sustainable solutions. Beyond just saying it though, the company is levying real change. For instance, the plans have already cut more than 810,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That is a staggering amount that can lead to real change. And that’s just one PEG.

Also, showing a canny understanding, KKR is moving internationally with this effort. It isn’t just one country that creates this kind of problem, and as such it isn’t just one country that needs to change in order to fix the problem.

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