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Sprott Power Corp and the $8 Million Dollar Lien

One of the greatest hopes in reducing our dependence upon traditional electricity is wind farms. These are groups of wind turbines that produce electric power without the hefty footprint. Wind farms typically span across hundreds of miles. Another great benefit of these farms is that the land that a turbine is not covering can be used for traditional agriculture purposes.

Sprott Power Corp is currently facing liens against them set by H.B. White Canada Corp. The $61-million Amherst wind farm is under legal scrutiny to the tune of over $8-million dollars. The lawsuit is being done after claims of work done on the farm went unpaid. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Sprout claims that production of electricity will not be affected during the legal battles.

The amount that is being disputed as unpaid is far less than the $8.3 million dollars. The actual dispute is against a subcontractor, Suzlon. Since Sprott Power Corp had them leading their contracting endeavors, they are to be held responsible in court. Nova Scotia Power employs Sprott to provide its electricity. The allegations of nonpayment have yet to be proven in court. The lien being held against them is simply a way to ensure payment if a case is won.


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