Green Business

Everyone is going green these days—we have to if we’re going to reduce global warming effects and keep our planet healthy. But business isn’t always conducive to being environmentally friendly—at least not the way we traditionally think about doing business. Luckily, there are several easy things you can do to make your business greener; some of them will even save you money!


We’re in the digital age, right? Well, let’s go all the way, then. With easy access to computers, portable hard drives, and ever-floating cloud drives, why continue to print every document? Over a third of our waste system is choked up by paper waste. Keep as many documents digital as possible and you’ll not only save money on paper and toner—you’ll also help our planet. These days, you can even have documents signed digitally with the help of programs like DocuSign.


Next, since we’re going to be using technology, it’s important to monitor our energy usage. When you leave for the night, turn your computer and other electronic devices off. Use a power strip and switch it to “off” every night to prevent unnecessary energy leeching from the wall. On that note, use as many environmentally friendly office appliances that rely on less energy to run.


Make sure that recycling is easily accessible. If there’s only one recycling bin and it’s off in the corner somewhere, chances are people are going to use one of the twenty garbage cans lying around instead. You should have as many recycling bins as trash bins, and they should all be conveniently located. Also consider adding a place for compost to go.


Sick of junk mail like everyone else? It’s not just annoying; it’s also incredibly wasteful. It’s incredibly easy and free to have your name removed from mailing lists. That way, you won’t get flooded with daily junk mail or feel like you’re part of something so wasteful.


There are of course more pricy options to further improve your green practices, but these are some of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to get started.


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