Business, Climate Change, Environmental Hazards

The Green Responsibility

Whether or not you believe in Global Warming (and really, how could you not at this point?), there’s one thing for sure you can’t deny: we have to take care of our planet if we’re planning on calling it home for much longer.  No planet’s resources are inextinguishable, and after thousands of years, we’re finally starting to realize that we’re going through ours at much too high of a rate.

We need a change if we want to keep living here. We may not be facing the extinction of natural resources in our time, but that doesn’t mean the problem will go away. In fact, it will keep getting worse if we don’t make a strong social move toward reducing our carbon footprint and embracing sustainable living.

Every single person matters in this initiative, but we don’t all have the power to influence the masses. Who holds that power? Politicians, billionaires, public faces, and large corporations. They can sway the masses in the direction they choose. Luckily, some are choosing to see the truth and moving toward a model of corporate responsibility.

Companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP, McGraw-Hill, NVIDIA, Starbucks, and Moody’s Corporation are making the extra effort to go green in practices and influence social change, even if their business doesn’t have many direct impacts on the environment.

In a special report on social corporate responsibility, Moody’s CEO addresses this very thought, saying, “Although Moody’s is not in an industry with a comparatively significant environmental impact, we are actively committed to doing our part to protect and care for the environments in which we live and work.”

The key point everyone needs to realize is that Earth is our home—everyone’s home. And because we all live here, we all have a responsibility to protect and sustain our environment, because it sustains us.


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