Why Ecological Fundraisers Matter

As the holiday season continues, more and more people are joining the push to give to charities and philanthropic endeavors. And while we like to support those organizations that provide valuable social enterprises and programs for our communities, we shouldn’t discount fundraisers and organizations that lead ecological initiatives. For many nonprofits, over forty percent of their annual donations come from this time of year.

It’s easy to say that social enterprises could be more valuable than ecological ones, but the simple fact is that there will be no social enterprises, or society of any kind if we don’t sustain the earth we all share. Large organizations like Conservation International offer a variety of initiatives to support, including climate, fresh water, food, health, cultural services, and biodiversity—many of which do, in fact, have a direct impact on communities around the world.

If you’re still not convinced, consider some big names who’ve already recognized that conservation is a worthy cause to support: Harrison Ford, Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo, Rob Walton and Bridget and John Macaskill have all been closely involved with Conservation International events.

“Every person on Earth deserves a health environment and the fundamental benefits that nature provides,” reads CI’s vision statement. “But our planet is experiencing an unprecedented drawdown of these resources, and it is only by protecting nature and its gifts—a stable climate, fresh water, healthy oceans and reliable food—that we can ensure a better life for everyone, everywhere.”

“We imagine a healthy, prosperous world in which societies are forever committed to caring for and valuing nature, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth.”

We can’t think of a single social enterprise that a mission like this doesn’t measure up to. Ecological and conservation efforts like this are perhaps the most wide-reaching programs out there.


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