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What Conservancies Do

Conservancies are one of the most important things communities, cities, states, and countries can do to help preserve natural land. Land conservancies are also often called land trusts, and are dedicated to the protection of land, habitats, bodies of water, and the natural world. The protection and stewardship of land by a conservancy aims to grant permanent protection from developments and the destruction of nature.


Through conservancies, wildlife and habitats can continue to survive in a world that is becoming overly developed very quickly. Open spaces, water quality, outdoor recreation areas, and natural sources for food and timber are what conservancies aim to protect.


Conservancies can come in many forms and use many tools to accomplish their goals, which includes forming nature preserves or sanctuaries, acquiring conservation easements, lobbying governments for assistance, assigning stewardship, and educating the public.


Conservancies can be large or small, within a city or outside. One example is New York City’s Central Park Conservancy. It was founded in 1980 to prevent the ongoing decline of Central Park and return it to its former beauty. The Conservancy manages day-to-day maintenance and operation of Central Park, employing about 90 percent of the park’s employees. Through a public-private partnership between the Conservancy and the City of New York, Central Park is kept healthy and beautiful.


The Central Park Conservancy, like other conservancies, is governed by a Board of Trustees, which includes both officers and voting trustees. Most of its members are prominent members of the New York business scene, including Henry Kravis of KKR, Jane Heller of Bank of America, William B Harrison, Jr. of JPMorgan Chase, and many more.


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