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Farmers Market Magic

Farmers' Market, Venice 2009
Farmers’ Market in Venice in 2009.
Tupungato /

For years, farmers markets have been delivering healthy, farm-fresh foods to locations near you.  This has been a blessing due to the fact that farms are often far from urban centers.  It feels good to support local farmers and get fresh, organic food in return.

Some would argue that farmers markets make a city more healthy and vibrant.  They are especially important to those who do not usually have access to fresh, local, organic foods.

A reason to frequent a farmers market is that they offer in-season fruits and vegetables.  That ensures they will taste better and be at their freshest.

Plus, they are a good chance to try something new.  Freshen your palate with rutabaga, or try something you’ve never even heard of.  You might just love it!

Organic produce
Farmers’ markets offer a wide array of organic, local produce.
Image: Shutterstock

Maybe you want to make your own raised beds.  Where to better get advice than from farmers who do that type of work every day?  Or, maybe you like raised beds but don’t want to do the work yourself.  Perhaps a farmer can recommend a skilled professional. Sometimes there are even booths selling baby seedlings you can plant in your own garden.

If you have children, bring them along.  Farmers markets are a great way to introduce kids to science.  You can teach them about how plants grow and thrive.  Maybe more importantly, you might be able to coax your picky eater to try something new.  If you pick out your fruits and vegetables together, coupled with the intent to cook them together, and you may find your child suddenly eager to be a nutritious eater.


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