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A Year in a Tent

10-year-old L.R.C. slept in a tent for an entire year.
Image: Shutterstock

How many children do you know that can be peeled away from their video games or smart phones for more than a day?  In a technology era, we are more often plugged in and tuned out.

So, how amazing is it that a 10-year-old decided, on his own, to sleep in a tent in his backyard for a year?

He is known to the media as L.R.C. because his parents don’t want everyone to know his name.  Yet, they are okay with people knowing what he did.

On Christmas Eve, L.R.C. received a special present.  It was a tent which he immediately pitched and resolved to sleep in each night.  Lots of kids, upon receipt of new toys, often makes promises like that.  “I’m going to play with it every day!”  Two days later, it’s like, “What was that toy again?” Not L.R.C.

snow storm
L.R.C.’s first night was spent in a snow storm.
Image: Shutterstock

He made a New Year’s resolution to sleep in his tent on the border between his backyard and the woods.  He made the commitment and didn’t let anything stop him – not rain, snow or stormy weather.  He even kept a blog about the experience.  Some of what L.R.C. discovered was a connection to nature and the animals which crossed his path.

“People who have a sense of connectedness to nature are happier,” Dr. Clayton, a Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies at Wooster College says. “You may also have stronger self-esteem. Maybe because you feel like you belong in the world, you feel better about yourself.”

When asked why he set out on his quest, he replied, “It’s a lot of fun.  At first it was a challenge. I camped out on December 26th in a big snowstorm and it was exciting. That was when I decided to camp out for a week starting the first day of the New Year. During my first week in the tent, I decided to go for a month. Then, since that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I decided to make it a year.”

Who’s ready to go camping?


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