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Cats Love Flowers, but Not All Flowers Love Cats

Alicia Simpson cat
Reddit user Alicia Simpson posted this picture of her cat pawing at a flower arrangement.
Image: Alicia Simpson via reddit

An adorable cat picture is making its way around the internet this week, showing a tabby who appears to be just beside herself over a vase of flowers on the table.  Many of us have pets and enjoy the blooms of summer, but it is important to remember that some flowers are toxic to animals.  The ASPCA notes that lilies, aloe, tulips and chrysanthemums cause irritation and liver or kidney damage if ingested.  Unfortunately for some, marijuana can also put your cat into a coma, so keep those special brownies out of cat reach.

On a brighter note, there are plenty of house plants and flowers that are beautiful and safe for your pet.  Spice orchids are completely nontoxic for cats and dogs and have a lovely flower and color.  Plant spice orchids in clay pots with an orchid soil mix and place in a well-lit area of the home.  African violets are another good option.  Keep the soil slightly moist and avoid watering on the leaves to prevent rot and spotting.  Pinch off any spent blossoms to help the plant bloom longer and grow new flowers.

kittens in petunias
Be sure to choose houseplants and flowers that are nontoxic for your pet.
Image: Shutterstock

Some cats also enjoy nibbling houseplants, so you will have to decide if you would like to grow a small herb garden or a patch of cat grass for your pet.  Catnip is a fun option for cats, as long as you have a place for a cat to roll around in it or lay on top of it, as will often happen.  While not all cats are sensitive to catnip, many cats will find happiness from its essential oils.  Catnip is a good choice for people, too, having a calming effect similar to chamomile.  Since it is from the mint family, it is also tasty in a tea.


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