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Pets at Home Driving Green

pomeranian on grass
Pets at Home’s “Groom Room” service is driving green this year.
Image: Shutterstock

Pets at Home was recently listed by the Sunday Times as the number one best company to work for. The specialty pet company has more than 300 pet stores across the UK and provides pet supplies, food, toys, accessories, pet care, and more. Recently partnered with Companion Care, Pets at Home also has many in-store veterinary clinics, emergency rooms, pet nutritionists, groomers, and more.

If their love for cute, fuzzy creatures wasn’t enough to win you over, Pets at Home is also supporting the environment by going greener this year. Part of parent company KKR’s Green Portfolio, the chain has committed itself to being a responsible retailer, boasting sustainable retail, recycling initiatives, cutbacks on packaging waste, less usage of electricity, and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Pets at home logo
Pets at Home has over 300 locations in the UK.
Image: PAH

In 2013, a particular focus has been driving greener as the popular “Groom Room” service expands. As they expand this service, the company has invested in the purchase of new Toyota Auris Hybrid vehicles, which will enable zero-emissions in slow traffic, and lower emissions at higher speeds.

“We chose Auris Hybrid because it’s efficient, environmentally friendly and large enough to fit the various dog grooming equipment without being imposingly big if the driver isn’t used to larger vehicles,” said Simon McKee, Fleet Manager for Pets at Home.

Even their double-decker trailers are geared toward green, with aerodynamic roofs to improve fuel efficiency and the ability to pack in about 60% more cases in each truck.

“For the past few years we’ve really focused on getting more miles out of every litre of fuel used in our vehicles,” reads the Pets at Home website. Being able to fit more stock in each truck means fewer trips, less fuel, and driving green.

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