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Vegan Shoe Company Gets Celebrity Support

Beyond Skin logo
Beyond Skin is a UK-based vegan and vegetarian shoe company.

Star of long time running hit television show Bones, Emily Deschanel is telling fans to pledge to a new Kickstarter campaign for Beyond Skin, a vegan shoe company based in the United Kingdom.  This week Deschanel tweeted, “help out this great (cruelty free vegan) company and get shoes in return!”  Emily Deschanel has almost 300,000 followers on Twitter.

Deschanel is an outspoken advocate for a vegan lifestyle and has come out against the dairy industry for cruelty.  Her sister Zooey, currently starring in New Girl, is also a devout vegan.  Emily says she would love for Bones to highlight environmental and animal cruelty as issues on the show to help fans stay informed.  Deschanel remained a vegan during pregnancy, is currently raising her child as a vegan, and says he loves his vegetables.

Beyond Skin is one of several fashionable vegan shoe companies looking to Kickstarter to grow their company.  Beyond Skin has been a boutique shoes business for ten years, but turned to crowdfunding when the factory they used closed earlier this year.  Now supporters have the option of backing the company to the point of being able to design their own custom pair of shoes and receive them in five colors. And, no doubt thanks to Deschanel’s public support, the company has raised its Kickstarter goal.

An American vegan shoe company, Green With Envy, touts ethically made shoes manufactured in the United States.  They currently have raised over $40,000 on Kickstarter.  Footwear innovator Keen is also advertising vegan shoes for eco-conscious customers.  Toms, Lulu*s and Planet Shoes are also great options when looking for cruelty free footwear.


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