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Will Your City Be Underwater by 2100?

The way things are going, many cities will be under water by the year 2100 or sooner.  Climate change is going to completely submerge many of the world’s major cities even if greenhouse gas emissions drop to zero today.

A recently released report from Climate Central tells which U.S. cities will be flooded soonest.  They aren’t only the ones directly on the ocean like Miami and Boston.  They include other inland cities like Sacramento.  The list includes 1,400 cities.

An infographic from, republished on Upworthy, shows which cities will be underwater soonest.  For the U.S., the list included L.A., San Francisco, lower Manhattan, New Orleans and New York.  For cities around the world, it included Amsterdam, Venice, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Edinburgh, London, Shanghai and Taiwan.

cities underwater 2100
These cities will be underwater by 2100.
Image: Information Is Beautiful via Upworthy

In order for a city or town to be placed on the list, at least 25 percent of its population had to be living below “what scientists project will be future high-tide levels.”

Henry Waxman, a climate expert and democratic congressman, said, “As this report makes clear, climate change is no longer an issue for ‘later.’ Climate change is already affecting the United States and the window for effective action is closing fast. We must act now to protect the planet for our children and future generations.”

What is the good news?  If we cut down on our emissions, there’s a chance that at least 1,000 cities will be removed from the list, according to the study.

There are signs that the government is actually listening and acting, based on the report; the Pentagon has plans to move all their bases to areas that are unlikely to be affected.  One of those is their largest base, located in Norfolk, Virginia.  The projections put that underwater by the 2040s.

Are you doomed if you live in a city by the sea?  Not necessarily, but you might want to consider driving less, using less energy and make a real effort to reduce your carbon footprint as soon as possible.


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