Recycled Halloween

Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on new Halloween costumes.  Many of these costumes are made in China in sweat shops.  They are made of the cheapest fabrics and materials possible so you end up paying a huge markup when you buy them.  What do most people do when Halloween is over?  Some people donate their costume to a thrift shop, but plenty of people stick their costume right in the garbage can.  Their costume will end up in a landfill.

Thrift store costume shopping
Get creative this year and shop the thrift store for a costume.
Image: Shutterstock

It’s time to stop the madness, the spending of outrageous amounts of money and the battling of crowds around Halloween.  There are several much greener alternatives to getting your costume at a holiday-themed shop.

First, you can snap up inexpensive, creative costumes at your local thrift shop.  Sure, this may have been someone else’s costume last year…but it wasn’t yours!  Nobody will be the wiser.  It will save you money, and everyone will tell you how ingenious your costume is.  Score!

Second, you could make your costume by hand.  Have some sewing skills?  Or, do you at least know a friend or family member who does?  See if they want to make a little extra cash to sew you a costume.  It will still probably be cheaper than buying one at a store.  Plus, you know exactly where the fabric comes from and what it’s made out of.

Third, you can always go with something you already have.  Are you into martial arts?  You could wear your karate uniform and voila!  You have a costume.  Love to cook?  Don your apron and carry around a soup ladle or a spatula.  You have a costume.  What about the box your furniture arrived in?  Paint it silver and you could become a robot or any number of other choices…Skittles, Nerds, whatever.

Be creative.  Don’t assume you need to spend a ton of money to look good.  Put some thought into it.  The best Halloween costume I ever saw came directly from a thrift shop.  A girl had purchased a sweater that played music from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Cats.”  She wore two stuffed animal cats around her shoulders, and she went as “crazy cat lady.”  The fact that the sweater played music really made a difference!

Lastly, don’t feel like you have to go as “sexy” anything! It’s not a requirement of the holiday, and it’s cold out!  There are plenty of costumes you can choose where you won’t need to sacrifice a limb to frostbite.


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