This New App Aims to Motivate Women to Exercise with Insults

I am Beautiful self-affirmation
Women need affirmations, not insults.
Image: Shutterstock

Technology can be your best ally or possibly your worst nightmare.  We love it when your computer spell-checks our spelling and catches our errors.  We love it when we can video chat with our best friend overseas.  And now there’s an app you can download that will berate you for being too fat. Sounds like a real winner, right?

No, I’m not joking.  This app, created in Japan, is called “Nenshou! For Girls.”  What, you may ask, in the world, is this new craziness?  Well, if you haven’t seen the most sexist app out there, now you have.  Instead of giving positive reinforcement like, “Go girl!  You can do it,” this app will yell awful things at girls as motivation for getting skinny. It’s a real boost for the self-confidence, don’t you think?

This app will play images of attractive animated men who will call you “fatty.”  Created by Creative Freaks and Visual Works, the designers who know how to exploit self-hate, there is even a version for men.

Guys who are looking to lose weight, however, will see images of beautiful animated trainers who give them positive encouragement and praise for a job well done. Any negative comments on the male version?  Not a one.

Why do the app creators think women need to be shamed in order to be motivated to change, but not men?  My guess is that the designers of this app are all male.

If anyone had a boyfriend who said rude things and denigrated your body, wouldn’t you dump his sorry ass?  I sure hope so.  No one should waste their time on someone who doesn’t affirm and appreciate them.

Nenshou! For Girls is a dieting app.  It’s a little appalling that the people who created it feel the only reason to lose weight is so men will tell you that you look good instead of telling you that you’re too fat.  What about getting stronger, more physically vital or being able to gain endurance?  Maybe you just want more energy so you can play with your kids more.

Nenshou! exploits all the wrong reasons we exercise. It shouldn’t be about pleasing others—it should be about being healthier, treating your body right, and practicing self-confidence.


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