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Watch Out for Winter Storm Boreas if You’re Traveling for Thanksgiving

This week, millions of Americans are gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving, whether that means just enjoying good food and a day off, or actually counting blessings and spending time with loved ones. But for those whose families don’t live nearby, travel may be involved. And unfortunately for those in the western half of the United States, travel may not be the safest right now.

Winter Storm Boreas
Winter Storm Boreas has already caused at least 10 fatal accidents.
Image: Shutterstock

A storm of ice, sleet, and rain is making its way through the southwest, and so far no fewer than 10 fatal accidents have been caused throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Named Winter Storm Boreas, it has caused hundreds of non-fatal rollovers as well. Oklahoma received a holiday “gift” of 10-13 inches of snow overnight from Sunday to Monday, and there’s been a severe winter weather warning released across southwester Arkansas by the National Weather Service.

Freezing rain and dropping temperatures are likely to make roads slick and dangerous for drivers. Winter Storm Boreas is expected to continue on its current route, moving south and east through Tuesday and Wednesday.

So far, almost 300 flights out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport have been cancelled due to the storm. New Mexico and Arizona experienced the storm last weekend, gaining up to 11 inches of snow in some locations.

While the snow does create a holiday-esque atmosphere that many crave during this time of year, it’s important to recognize the potential danger such storms bring. Whether you’re out driving this week, or just going for a family walk, be sure to stay safe and move slowly.


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