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Bloom and SoftBank’s Partnership Could Lead to a Happier, More Energy Efficient Future

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Sunnyside, CA-based Bloom Energy is on a mission to provide affordable, efficient energy globally. Founded in 2001, its reach is already prolific, with clients that include major companies such as Google, Walmart, eBay, The Coca-Cola Company, and various nonprofit organizations, among others. With its pioneering fuel cell systems, Bloom Energy hopes to broaden its reach of high efficiency, affordable energy, and is well on its way to making a global impact.

Recently, Bloom Energy took its fuel cell technology to Japan in a joint effort to create an energy efficient power plant with SoftBank Corp. SoftBank, a Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation with international investors like Dan Loeb, has values that greatly align with those of Bloom Energy. SoftBank hopes to contribute to the happiness and well-being of all people amid the “Information Revolution,” with a forward thinking approach to business. Similarly, Bloom Energy is dedicated to improving the realm of energy efficient technology, which will likely contribute to the health and well-being of many.

In late November, Bloom Energy announced the completion of the M-Tower in Fukuoka, Japan. The creation of a power plant that utilizes Bloom’s patent fuel cell technology marks its first international project, as well as its collaboration with SoftBank. According to a press release from Bloom Energy, “In July of 2013, SoftBank and Bloom Energy announced the formation of a Joint Venture, Bloom Energy Japan, and [M-Tower] is the first project to come out of the new partnership.” The press release continues, “This initial Bloom Energy deployment represents a new path forward for safe and reliable electricity generation in Japan. Bloom Energy’s fuel cell technology addresses Japan’s urgent need for reliable electricity as the country continues to transition away from nuclear power.

The fuel cell technology developed by Bloom promises to produce fewer carbon emissions than a burning gas power plant would, which may help prevent blackouts by not relying on a centralized power grid. For more information about Bloom’s innovative energy technology, visit


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