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Have a Green Christmas With These 3 Tips

wrapping paper
Cut back on waste this Christmas by using fabric or reusable wrapping.
Image: Shutterstock

This year, get into the holiday spirit and help save the planet. All you have to do is go a little greener while planning your Christmas festivities! It’s not hard to have a very un-green holiday, but just a few simple steps will help you cut down on waste you may not have even noticed before.

Cut Out One-Time Wrapping

Instead of using and then discarding a ton of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and boxes, rethink your strategy. Use reusable gift bags, repurpose old boxes and bows (and then save them for next year), and consider using cloth wrapping. Then, you can simply fold up the wrapping and use it again next year. There are many great ways to wrap fabric that don’t even require tape or ribbons—now that’s what I call going green! Check out some ideas in books like Wrapagami by Jennifer Playford.

Use Eco-Friendly Decorations

Think your decorations are eco-friendly because you use them over and over? Think again. Electric Christmas lights can use up a ton of electricity and cause a fire hazard. Replace those old strings of light with LED lights (some are solar powered!) that are RoHS-compliant (AKA, toxic-materials free). And instead of buying plastic decorations that could contain toxic chemicals like lead, instead think about going all natural with popcorn-and-cranberry strings, fresh boughs, and more.

Give Gifts that Keep on Giving

Remember that life’s greatest pleasures don’t always come in neatly wrapped boxes. Instead of buying family members and friends a ton of new possessions, instead consider sharing an experience with them—go on a family outing or have a nice dinner together.


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