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How to Go Green, The Pinterest Way

Check out Pinterest users like Hobby Lobby and Going Green for some great ideas on going green.

If your New Year’s resolution involves trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you’re in luck. With an abundance of publications, professional resources, and online communities, it’s never been easier to go green! One of the most popular new resources for living an environmentally conscious lifestyle is also one of the fun. It’s called Pinterest, and it’s the easiest way to get tips, ideas, and support to help you go green.

If you’re looking to decorate your home, style yourself, or find a great gift for a loved one, look no further than the Hobby Lobby Pinterest page. Living sustainably means being able to take on D.I.Y. projects, upcycling materials around your house to reduce waste, and often, getting creative. Hobby Lobby is the perfect source of inspiration for those who want to merge a green lifestyle with a fun and crafty one.

Another fantastic environmentally friendly Pinterest user is Going Green, an aptly named pinner with the tagline, “Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!!!” Going Green has dozens of boards that feature wildlife, animals, gardening, and natural products that are good for your health. If you follow this pinner, you’ll have access to thousands of pins about going green.

Another Pinterest user with the name “Going Green” focuses on sustaining a green lifestyle, with even more specific categories that pertain to healthy, sustainable living. Here you’ll find sustainable recipes including ice cream, chocolate, vegetables, and juices, as well as how to can and dry food, make soap, upcycle materials for home décor. This user also has an expansive pinboard titled, “Homesteading/Survival,” full of tips on how to live a sustainable, minimal lifestyle. If you ever wanted to learn how to sharpen tools, make charcoal at home, make emergency baby formula, or even make a composting toilet, look no further than Pinterest!

It’s pretty remarkable that in this day and age, resources on how to live in a more sustainable way are right at our fingertips. Not only are these tips and ideas helpful, they’re often really fun!


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