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Environmental Groups Suing Big Texas Polluters

The Sierra Club is bringing a case against Luminant Generation Company over air pollution.
Image: Shutterstock

Environmental groups are taking litigation directly to the polluters in Texas. The groups have become impatient with state and federal government inaction to stop polluters from breaking the law on emissions going into the atmosphere.

A federal judge in Waco, Texas, will begin a case on Monday brought by the Sierra Club against Luminant Generation Company. LGC is the largest producer of electricity and it has been polluting the air in East Texas unchecked by federal or state action for years.

According to a New York Times report, the case is one of three high-profile lawsuits on the docket for this year, because environmental organizations have grown tired of waiting for corrective action to be made by government officials.

The “citizen suits” by green groups are likely to increase as the current stalemate in Congress continues to hinder climate change regulations and the Environmental Protection Agency is constantly imperiled by Republicans.

“Historically, there has been an uptick in citizen suit filings when there is something of a slowdown in enforcement,” said Matthew Morrison, an environmental lawyer based in Washington, and a former counsel for the EPA. If the agency is not aggressive enough on its own, Mr. Morrison said, “citizen suits may happen more often.”


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