Great White Shark Attacks Two Kayakers off of Cape Cod

Great white shark swimming
A great white shark attacked two kayakers on the east coast, but no one was injured.
Image: Shutterstock

Last week, a great white shark near a group of seals attacked two kayakers near Massachusetts. Unfortunately for the kayakers, there has been a surge in the seal population near Cape Cod Bay, and thus a rising number of predatory sharks—especially near seal colonies and other prey.

“White shark populations are on an upward swing,” said George Burgess, who directs the Florida Program for Shark Research. “And the seal colonies are magnets.”

Ida Parker and Kristin Orr were around 150 yards off White Horse Beach in Plymouth when the shark bit one of kayaks.

“It was petrifying waiting in that water… not knowing if anyone was going to come and get us,” Parker said.

Amazingly, neither of the women was hurt in the incident. “It happened so fast,” Orr told AP. “I was talking to (Parker) and the next minute I’m in the water and I just see a shark biting my kayak.”

Both kayaks were overturned and the women were able swim away to safety as the shark retreated. The size and pattern of the bite in the kayak suggest an “exploratory bite from a great white shark,” officials said.

There have been increasing incidents like this off the coast of Massachusetts this year. In late August, a great white was spotted and forced police to shut down the beach nearby.


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