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8 Ways to Eat Environmentally Friendly

Vegetables on a wooden table
Small changes can add up to eating sustainably.
Image: Shutterstock

It can be difficult to eat sustainably, but you can make many small changes that can really add up to make a difference. Below are 8 changes to your eating and shopping habits you can implement today to help the environment.

  1. Reuse it. Now enforced in many states, you should use a reusable bag when shopping to help the planet. The United States alone uses about 100 billion new plastic bags each year. Worldwide, only 1% of plastic bags are recycled and they don’t biodegrade. So bring that reusable bag!
  2. Go local. Eat more locally grown food to lower your carbon footprint. Also, eating locally means the food is fresher and will likely allow you to retain more nutrients than from food shipped across the globe.
  3. Go Organic. Certified organic food is grown and processed using farming methods that recycle resources and work for biodiversity. Although organic foods can be more expensive, invest in the foods that are most important to buy organic such as apples, bell peppers, and lettuce.
  4. Eat less meat. Industrially farmed meat has the greatest adverse impact of any food product on the environment.
  5. Go out to pasture. Pasture-raised livestock has less of a negative environmental impact. They also are treated better than other industrially raised counterparts, making grass-fed, free-range meat products more sustainable.
  6. Be hormone-free. Dairy cows are often fed artificial hormones for their milk production. This causes big health impacts for not only the cows, but the people consuming the milk. There are also many greenhouse gas emissions linked with industrial dairy production.
  7. Order tap water. Ask for the tap instead of bottled water. Similarly, opt for beers and other beverages that are on tap, rather than in bottles and cans.
  8. Double your recipes. Leftovers will last twice as long and you won’t have to use all that energy to cook.

What tips do you have for eating more sustainably?


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